Terra Dourada

Terra Dourada (Golden Earth) Lodge - Mozambique and Inhambane

Terra Dourada

Situated on the lower Southern Coast of Mozambique approximately 500 kilometers from Maputo, the Terra Dourada Lodge is nestled between the magnificent Barra beach and the cute little towns of Tofo and Tofinho. At your lodge you can enjoy your very personal tropical paradise and step directly onto your own beach and enjoy the finest coastline in Africa.

Terra Dourada

Inhambane Town, referred to as the jewel of African towns, is only 28 Kilometers away.

The town of Inhambane is one of the oldest towns in Mozambique dating back to the 10th century and the Arab traders. It was in 1534 that the Portuguese established a permanent trading post here. Inhambane is served by an International airport (regular flights from Johannesburg and Maputo), has petrol stations, banks, shops, a lovely little market and a museum. Side-walk cafes are dotted along the narrow streets.

There are some noteworthy sights including the 200 year old Cathedral of Our Lady of Conception, the Governor’s Palace, the Municipal buildings, and the museum. The town itself is set on the bay of Inhambane, looking across to Maxixe. Hire a dhow to sail you across to Maxixe or around the bay or up to the Linga Linga Nature Reserve.

This fascinating area used to be a whaling station but is now the home to some of the last remaining dugong in Southern Mozambique.

Terra Dourada

While you are close to Inhambane, your lodge is positioned to give you exclusivity and tranquillity. You have close access to good diving reefs in the area including the aptly named Manta reef (considered one of the top 5 dives sites in the world), and Praia de Rocha where the rock and coral has formed a spectacular landscape of pinnacles, gullies, and overhangs. There is also the opportunity for dolphin and whale watching safari’s in the crystal clear waters. For European visitors the lodge provides a perfect opportunity to get away from the winter and enjoy safe swimming and snorkelling in the year-round warm waters. The natural and safe beaches provide the easiest of boat launching for some of the best game fishing available. Whether it is for one day or a full week, your lodge manages and provides you with hassle free arrangements for all the best and comprehensive diving and fishing charters available in the area.

Terra Dourada

Terra Dourada (Golden Earth) Lodge – The Lodge, Building and Accommodation

Your lodge is being built to minimise any environmental damage to the sea facing site while ensuring maximum view vantage points and comfort. Located and carefully positioned to fit into the spaces where there are fewer coconut trees, the thatched buildings are designed to blend into the environment.

Initially the lodge will consist of five very up market on-suite bedrooms connected to the central lounge area, dinning room, kitchen and entertainment terrace. In addition, facing the beach a large pool and bar area will support the beach style living to be enjoyed at your lodge.

Each owner shares in the central facilities and is able to utilize the on-suite bedrooms while their own one or two bedroom 80 square meter unit with open plan kitchenette and covered sun deck is constructed. The style of all buildings maximises the use of local natural hardwood, labour and materials while plastered walls and Italian finishes will provide 5 star accommodation as would be expected by our high net worth owners.

Phase 1 of the one or two bedroom units will be limited to five units, with Phase 2 consisting of another 5 units to the maximum of ten units to be built which will still be less than 20% coverage of the total site.

Terra Dourada (Golden Earth) Lodge – The Lodge, Management and Services

Terra Dourada (Golden Earth) Lodge is committed to the fullest employment of local people possible to build and staff the lodge. Management, Maids, Gardeners, Drivers and Guards will all be selected from the local population and trained to the exacting standards required by our unit owners.

Your lodge Estate will be fully managed on your behalf and other than to E-mail us to confirm when you are coming and any activities you may require booking in advance, you may leave all the other arrangements and management to us. A comprehensive lodge management system will be installed which means the whole estate management which includes daily laundry, cleaning, cooking deployment of staff including collection from the airport will be supervised.

The process is intended to provide a completely hassle free ownership and therefore a no fuss holiday.

When not all the five bedroom central lodge and individual units (when built and where the owners wishes to pool their units) are utilised, these will be pooled, advertised and rented for the use by up market customers. Pooled rental income received will be utilised to lower the overall cost of the levies paid thereby reducing the cost of ownership and eventually providing a potentially cash positive holiday investment.

Each unit owner will pay a monthly levy to cover maintenance, staffing and management to Terra Dourada (Golden Earth) Lodge Investments.

Terra Dourada (Golden Earth) Lodge – The Lodge, Ownership and costs

Terra Dourada (Golden Earth) Lodge Investments is 100% owned by Mulweli Rebelo and MAB & Associates (Pty) Ltd. Terra Dourada (Golden Earth) Lodge Investments has a 99 year lease on the lodge site whose topology map may be inspected and usage rights can be confirmed by KPMG Maputo etc.

Each owner of Terra Dourada (Golden Earth) Lodge purchases an equal share in Terra Dourada (Golden Earth) Lodge Investments which confers the rights to a proportionate time usage of the central lodge and facilities and the rights (but not obligation) to enter into a arrangement for a individually utilised unit to be constructed in an agreed position on the lodge site.

Each owner is allocated a 2 weekly prime time (School holidays, Christmas, Easter etc) and a two weekly non-prime time slot on a rotational basis for the central lodge and facilities. All additional bookings above the 4 weeks allocated are done on a flexible, first come first served basis and charged the agreed in-house rate for the period concerned. The in-house rate is a substantially discounted rate that is sufficient to cover the running costs and to fairly compensate the other unit holders for the loss of potential external income.

Unit owners may also swap time allocations amongst themselves.

Vacant time will be pooled, advertised and rented for the use by up market customers.